August 26, 2021

Characteristics of Aluminum Fencing

A fence is an essential part of both industrial and commercial properties. Fences provide the functional benefits of security and privacy, and enhance the look of your building. Aluminum is one of the most common types of materials used to construct fences in Charlotte, largely because of the distinct advantages and characteristics associated with it.

Understanding what an aluminum fence has to offer your home or business can help you figure out if it is the right choice for your fencing needs. Here are some advantages of aluminum fencing.


A huge advantage associated with aluminum as a building material is the fact that it is naturally resistant to rust. This means that water and weather exposure won't cause structural degradation of your fence over time, which can help improve the life span of your fence and cut down on long-run repair and replacement costs.

This innate quality makes aluminum fences the ideal choice for coastal areas that suffer from higher humidity and salt exposure, which can contribute to rust and corrosion.


Additionally, fences that are made out of aluminum do not require a great deal of maintenance to stay structurally sound. Unlike wood and other types of metal, aluminum won't need to be sealed or painted to maintain the appearance of your fence.

This is because aluminum is powder coated with paint, which means that the paint is fused to the surface of the aluminum instead of sitting on top of it — preventing flaking and chipping. This also means that the color of your fence will not fade over time due to UV exposure.


Another advantage of aluminum industrial fencing is the fact that it can come in a wide range of different shades and colors because the material is painted during the manufacturing process. This kind of manufacturing means that you can easily customize the appearance of your fence to match the design and aesthetic of the exterior of your property.​


Aluminum fencing can be racked, which means that it can be slanted or adjusted to deal with uneven surfaces. This versatility makes aluminum fences much easier to install in irregularly shaped yards, on hills and in ditches, which can cut down on initial costs.

With non-racked fence varieties, fencing has to be installed in multiple small sections in a stair-like pattern along the side of a slope — which often creates gaps. Because aluminum fencing can be fitted to irregularities and slopes, you can avoid having gaps at the bottom of your fence. For that reason, aluminum fencing provides greater security for uneven yards.


Aluminum fencing is a durable material that cannot be easily cut or broken through. If security is a necessity for your property, you can have spear tops installed on your fence and the posts dug several feet into the ground to make a near-impenetrable barrier to both human and animal intruders.

The durability of an aluminum fencing barrier makes it a great safety installation for pools and dangerous work areas as well. The use of metal panels can make your aluminum security fence an effective privacy barrier as well.


Finally, a major benefit of aluminum as a fencing material is the fact that it can be made out of recycled materials, and it can also be recycled after it is replaced. Recycling helps reduce the overall environmental impact of your property by making use of sustainably sourced materials.

For any questions or concerns that you may have about your fencing needs, please feel free to contact Hartsell Brothers Fence Company. Our team of experienced fencing contractors will be more than happy to work with you to find the best fencing solution for your residential or commercial property.

July 26, 2021

Gate Access Controls Have Revolutionized Security for Commercial Properties

There has been a great deal of innovation when it comes to the access controls for commercial gates. Technology has been able to enhance both security and convenience. Here is a detailed look into gate access controls and how they can upgrade the infrastructure of your property.

Accessing the gate controls has the potential to utilize gate openers across an entire system, as long as it is compatible. Having a commercial gate company install this system will allow all openers to work in conjunction. That means an all access system will grant access through a variety of forms, including pin numbers, swipe cards and smart cards. Those looking for an added security advantage can even opt for access through biometrics, although it may cost a bit more.

Access goes beyond just entrances and exits from the facility. Gate access controls now have the capability of providing a number of features. There is still the option of having an intercom, but technology has enabled video integration to provide real-time footage of the exterior. There is also the option of placing multiple cameras on the premises, providing different vantage points. In the event that your commercial gate is operated by an attendant, there will always be a visual for added security.

Live video is helpful in dealing with present situations, although picture memory is a feature that enhances overall security. This is a way to capture still images that are saved on an SD card. Future security is enhanced with this type of technology.  

The larger your commercial property, the more you may need gate access controls that have the capability of integrating an array of functions. Some gate access controls have expanded scalability, meaning they are able to function with a high number of door stations and gates. This may seem like a sizeable investment initially, but could actually wind up lowering costs on security personnel. The bottom line is that less people will be needed to sufficiently monitor the property and that is a result of an investment in superior gate access controls.

street view of industrial warehouse with security fence and automated gate access control

Gate access controls also have the capability of being mobile. This allows you to track exactly who is moving on and off your commercial property. Analytics also provide data that can be used for several purposes.

Commercial gates were first designed to provide secure access, although technology has opened up a whole new world for commercial property owners in terms of controlling and monitoring access. To discuss fencing and gate solutions for your property in the Charlotte NC area, contact us at Hartsell Brothers Fence Company today.

June 21, 2021

Chain Link Fencing Is A Good Choice For Apartment Communities |Hartsell Brothers Fence Company

Hartsell Brothers Fence Company
If you own or manage an apartment community and need to put up some fencing, you may feel paralyzed by the vast array of fencing materials from which you can choose. But while vinyl, cedar, and pine fencing all have their places, there is one material that really stands out as a smart choice for apartment communities: chain link fencing. Here are five reasons why chain link fencing works so well for apartment complexes and housing developments


If you do not have a lot of capital to put into fencing, chain link is a great choice because it comes at a lower price point than vinyl, cedar, and most other materials. This allows you to get a fence put up sooner, which makes your apartment community more appealing to residents.
Chain link fencing also requires less maintenance than other fencing types so that you will save money year after year on equipment and labor. All you need to do is hose the fence off a few times per year, and check it periodically for rips and loose fence posts.


You would hate to have a child or pet injured on your property. Not only would this be unfortunate for the injury victim, but it may also mean increased insurance rates and time spent in court. Chain link fencing is a very safe choice for kids and pets. There are no splinters like there would be on a wooden fence, and since you can see through the fence, parents will be able to keep an eye on kids if they happen to be on the other side.


The fact that you can see right through a chain link fence is often cited as a downfall. However, you can make a chain link fence private in areas where you need it to be.
Just slip privacy slats, which are long pieces of vinyl or plastic, between the chain links. This allows you to have the best of both worlds. Leave the fence plain where you want residents to be able to see through it and add slats right behind homes where you think residents may want to feel more isolated.


Carrying on construction projects can be tough in an apartment community. Residents need to get in and out to drive to work, and they don't want the eyesore of a construction site in their yards. Chain link fencing is quick and easy to install, so your residents don't have to put up with the construction for very long. This is especially helpful if you have prospective tenants come to look at apartments and want the community to look appealing.


A termite or carpenter ant invasion can be a real nightmare in an apartment community. These pests may start off with a fence and then work their way into the buildings themselves. Getting inside individual apartments to exterminate can be a hassle, and tenants won't appreciate the presence of pests. Thankfully, chain link fencing does not attract these pests the way a wood fence might. You don't have to apply chemical insecticides, either.

If you're in need of a new fence for your apartment community, get in touch with Hartsell Brothers Fence Company to learn more about our chain link fences. We offer custom fencing, gates, controlled entry features, and other features to meet your specific needs. You and your residents will be happy with the results

May 24, 2021

Wood Fencing For Commercial Applications

There are lots of manufactured products to choose from when it comes to commercial fencing. But sometimes, there is nothing better than a classic wooden fence. Wood has the versatility to accommodate several commercial applications. It is not a common choice of most industrial properties, although there are enough commercial applications that accommodate a wooden fence.

Wood Panel

This variety is the most optimal choice for privacy. The cost is typically lower than commercial fences made from other materials. And while it is not impossible to climb a wooden panel fence, it is not an easy task. A wood panel variety is probably the most common choice for a typical commercial property looking to create privacy and security. However, the upkeep is far greater than that of an aluminum or iron fence.


Commercial properties can utilize a wood fence with pickets, which can be different from that small country home with the white picket fence. The pickets used for commercial fencing can be different from the ones used in the residential sector. They may be longer and sturdier, providing a truly unique appeal for commercial applications. Many restaurants and businesses looking to create an aesthetic appeal will utilize a picket style commercial fence. It is more for the look than the security.

Split Rail

A split rail fence is one that does not completely hide your property because there are spaces between the wooden rails. This variety provides a rustic look and is not as common on commercial properties. These fences are easy to climb and are known more for their aesthetics than security purposes. Split rail is often used to contain livestock as it is the most common application and also blends nicely with the surrounding scenery. 

Wood fencing also has the capability of concealing some of the more unsightly items that can be on a commercial property, such as dumpsters and HVAC systems. It also takes away from that industrial feel. Wood can also be painted a variety of colors and completely change the overall appeal of a property. 
When purchasing a commercial wooden fence, it is important to account for the maintenance. It will need to be treated. It is also a nesting place for bugs and pests and may also begin to decay from the weather. Preparing to install a wooden fence on your commercial property is going to take some future preparations to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

April 26, 2021

Ornamental Fencing Provides a Wealth of Options

Ornamental fencing has the sound of something that is done solely for aesthetic purposes. The truth is there are a lot of security advantages to using ornamental fencing on a commercial property. It combines an aesthetic and protective nature and here’s a look at how an ornamental fence can benefit your commercial property.

Deters Break-ins

One way most intruders gain access to a facility is to scale a fence. That is extremely difficult with ornamental fencing. It is a good deterrent for random passersby as they will likely look to the next building not equipped with such a difficult fence to climb. And for those looking to power over the fence, it is very difficult to do with an ornamental fence. Where a chain link fence can be cut and a wooden fence can be knocked down, an ornamental fence may remain intact.

Styles to Choose From

There are different styles of ornamental fencing to choose from, with two of the most popular being iron and aluminum fencing Charlotte. When choosing an aluminum variety, there will never be the need to paint it. There are also different grades of aluminum that provide higher levels of strength. But even the strongest aluminum fences are not going to be as strong as iron. Making the move towards iron should come after considering the landscape of your property. For example, iron is not the ideal option for land that has grades that are somewhat steep.

There is also the option of choosing an ornamental steel fence. This can provide a very strong barrier with benefits similar to that if iron. Steel fences need a bit of refinishing every three or four years but provide a powerful force that impedes intruders.

The Aesthetics

The aesthetics of your ornamental fence could have a lot to do with what message you are attempting to convey. There is a vast amount of options to choose from when deciding how to implement your commercial ornamental fence. You could elect to go with a Victorian design that is complete with finials and spirals. There are more modernized varieties as well, but this is a chance to bolster security and make an outward statement about your commercial business. Ornamental fencing also could bring you a stylish gate that could set the tone for every new visitor.

March 29, 2021

Fences and Access Control for Residential Complexes

The Charlotte metropolitan area is rapidly expanding. Thanks to a robust economy, healthy job growth potential, and competitive salaries, a record number of people are migrating to the city. For apartment complex owners and managers, this is both good and bad. On the one hand, growth creates a larger tenant pool, but on the other hand, population growth also spurs new development. For this reason, you must work harder to make your complex as appealing to potential tenants as newer complexes. Installing a fence and automated access system will assist in accomplishing this goal.


Every person wants to be proud of the place they call home, and an exclusive community is definitely show-off worthy. A fence and access system do more than just keep people that don't belong out. A fence system also sends a message that this is a private area only for the enjoyment and luxury of a select few, which is attractive for millennials.

Millennials like the added security these systems offer and the sense of luxury a fence and gate structure provide. When you pair this enhanced design with a tech-savvy remote that allows them to open the gate from the convenience of their car, you're creating a place that millennials, as well as people from other demographics, are happy to call their home.

With a significant portion of the people migrating to the Charlotte area being of the millennial range, taking a focus on this demographic is a wise choice for attracting and maintaining tenants.


After a long day at work, the last thing your tenants want to face is a barrage of solicitations from local businesses, organizations raising money, or other unsolicited contacts. The reality is that a community can put up as many no-soliciting signs as it'd like, but this doesn't mean that outsiders won't still come in.

One reason for this is the fact that soliciting in residential neighbors is not illegal in the city of Charlotte, so these individuals face no real repercussions.

Sometimes, residents also want a reprieve from even people that they know. For instance, those friends and family members that just pop up without asking first.

A fenced and gated apartment community gives tenants a higher level of privacy and traffic control since the system will keep solicitors out and give residents control over who can gain access to the property and who can't, which is a luxury even most homes don't offer.


Without question, installing a controlled access system around the apartment complex will increase security. This system creates a barrier that works to keep criminals and all other individuals not authorized to be on the property out, in both the physical and the psychological sense.

In terms of the physical, a fence is a definite physical barrier that keeps others out. In the psychological sense, a fence and gate send a message to potential intruders that the community is serious about safety and security and likely has policies and penalties in place for intruders.

However, penetrating the access system or gate also increases the amount of effort it takes to get in and get away quickly. Since the average criminal is looking to get in and out as fast as possible, this will make the complex a less appealing target. In addition to burglary, a controlled system can also help reduce the risk of violent offenses to members of the community.

The above represents a portion of the benefits a fence and automated access system will afford your apartment complex. At Hartsell Brothers Fence Company, we're happy to discuss your fencing needs.

February 22, 2021

4 Types of Fencing for Businesses | Hartsell Bros. Fence

Do you have a commercial property or place of business that could use some extra security or privacy? If so, getting a fence installed is a great way to provide both. Once you have decided to get a fence, you'll need to know what type of fencing best suits your needs.

With so many different types of fences available, this can be a somewhat difficult decision. To help you out, here are four types of fencing for businesses and some of the advantages that each kind provides.

1. Ornamental Fencing

If you are concerned about the appearance of your fence and need something that is elegant and professional-looking, this type of fencing is a great choice. Besides enhancing the appearance of your commercial property, ornamental fencing also provides the following advantages:

•  It's made out of recyclable materials, which means it's good for the environment.
•  It's available in a variety of styles and designs.
•  It's resistant to high winds and heavy rains.
    This type of fencing is also durable as ornamental fencing is usually made with either steel or aluminum.

    2. Industrial Chain Link Fencing

    If you have ever seen a type of woven fence made from galvanized steel wire, you know what a chain link fence looks like. This type of fence is most commonly used in backyards, schoolyards, and outdoor sporting areas.

    Industrial chain link fencing is also a great option for your business as it provides the following advantages:
      •  It can be installed quickly.
      •  It can take a beating but still look good.
      •  It requires little to no maintenance.
        Because chain link fences are made with galvanized steel, these fences are durable and usually last for a few decades.

        3. PVC or Vinyl Fencing

        If you like the look of a wooden fence but don't like the thought of maintaining it, PVC fencing is a great option. Made with a synthetic plastic called polyvinyl chloride, PVC fencing is also sometimes referred to as vinyl fencing.

        Besides requiring little maintenance, some of the advantages PVC fencing has to offer include:
          •  It won't get damaged by insects or other pests.
          •  It is available in a wide variety of styles and colors.
          •  It is made of light-weight material that makes the fence easy to install.
            The only amount of maintenance this type of fencing will require is a good washing every now to help deter mold growth.

            4. Wrought Iron Fencing

            If you want an attractive-looking fence that is strong and durable, consider getting a wrought iron fence installed around your place of business. Because wrought iron is made out of a material that can be bent or shaped without losing strength, it can contain interesting designs that can be customized according to the look you want. Here are some other advantages wrought iron fencing provides:
              •  It is rust-resistant, unlike other types of iron and materials.
              •  It cannot easily be damaged.
              •  It is versatile and comes in a variety of styles and designs.
                Another great thing about wrought iron fencing is it works well with landscaping as it supports a variety of climbing plants. If you are concerned about how your business property looks on the outside, this is one more reason to consider wrought iron fencing.

                As you can see, these four types of fencing offer their own distinct advantages. Whether you decide to go with ornamental fencing, chain link fencing, PVC fencing, or wrought iron fencing, the professionals at Hartsell Bros. Fence would be happy to help.

                Contact us today to see how we can help you and your business with all of your fencing needs and to discover which type is best for you.

                January 20, 2021

                Wrought Iron Fencing for Businesses | Hartsell Brothers Fence Company

                Most businesses keep a close eye on what they spend money on and what kind of return they can expect from their investments. Wrought iron fencing comes with several benefits that translate directly to bottom line savings. Here is a closer look at how these benefits represent savings for your business.

                1. Wrought Iron Fencing Is Strong and Long Lasting

                 You won't spend money replacing the fence every few years. Wrought iron won't warp or deteriorate over time. A professional installation and proper treatment will allow you to keep your wrought iron fence for decades and beyond.

                The iron will sit in place and remain strong for years with only some occasional maintenance. The strength and durability of wrought iron allow you to keep the funds you would normally have to spend on repairs or new fences Charlotte NC after a few years.

                Some fencing materials attract insects and other pests. These creatures can make a home in or around the fence while also damaging it over time. Wrought iron doesn't have this problem.

                2. Wrought Iron Fencing Lowers Liability

                A wrought iron fence is a strong deterrent that can help to reduce your exposure to many types of liability. Insurance companies will like your use of a strong fence since it shows you're actively trying to limit potential litigation.

                People without the authorization to enter the property are more likely to stay away from a tall wrought iron fence. Even if someone did try to enter, a wrought iron fence isn't easy to climb or get over. In addition, wrought iron can take a beating without bowing.

                3. Wrought Iron Fencing Doesn't Require Much Maintenance

                 If left alone, your wrought iron fence will continue to work for you no matter the weather. However, you still need to do what you can to maintain the fence. Maintenance for wrought iron fencing is minimal, so you won’t have to spend large amounts of money to keep your fence in good condition.

                Generally, a coat of paint will serve to keep rust away while keeping the fence looking good for years. Apply paint to spots where weather has chipped or worn it away. You won't have to do a full repainting for many years. Some paint products do better than others in some climates.

                4. Wrought Iron Fencing Increases Security

                Wrought iron fencing offers security benefits many other fencing materials can't match. Your property will have a fence most vandals cannot break or bend. Traditional fence-cutting tools won't work on wrought iron. The tops of wrought iron fences typically end in spikes, which also serves as a deterrent.

                Wrought iron commercial fencing will allow people on the property to see what's happening outside of it and react accordingly. For example, if someone is trying to break into the property, someone can easily see it and call security or the authorities.

                With these security benefits, you can potentially save money on repairing the fence or dealing with vandalism. Wrought iron makes your property less of an easy target. You will save money on dealing with thefts or other crimes happening on the property.

                5. Wrought Iron Fencing Can Increase Curb Appeal

                Wrought iron fencing can make your property look elegant and sophisticated. By increasing the curb appeal of the property, you can also increase the number of eyes on it.

                If you have a property that relies on foot traffic, an ornate wrought iron fence can draw people closer to have a look. If you plan to sell or lease the property, a wrought iron fence can make potential buyers or investors appreciate the property more.

                At the Hartsell Bros. Fence, we have many fencing options for commercial properties, including wrought iron. If you're looking for quality fencing and controlled access systems for your business, contact us today.

                December 28, 2020

                Reasons to Add a Dumpster Enclosure

                Some commercial and industrial properties need to have a dumpster on their premises. This is often an essentiality and something not really considered until there is an issue. But it is a good idea to add a dumpster enclosure as it will help out in an array of ways. A dumpster enclosure cordons off the area and provides the following functions. 

                Keep Animals Out

                Small pests, such as rats and mice, can be just as problematic as raccoons and larger animals. All are drawn to odors that emanate from waste products. A dumpster that is without an enclosure is basically like an invitation for all nearby pests and small animals. A regular gathering of these animals can be unsightly, embarrassing and even dangerous.

                Maintain Security

                Dumpsters can invite members of the human species as well. It is not uncommon for undesirables to rummage through dumpsters. That could keep them stopping by on a regular basis. It is something that is bad for security and outward appearances. 


                Prevent Dumping

                People may not tend to realize just how many people illegally dump trash. Some contractors in business for themselves find dumpsters out of the way and discard materials that way. It can save them both money, time and inconvenience. Commercial properties are vulnerable for that type of dumping, especially at night. Adding an enclosure is a good deterrent to any would-be dumpers.


                Staring at an unsightly dumpster is just not pretty no matter which way you look at it. Adding an enclosure could hide the dumpster altogether and make the area look like any other part of the property. Commercial property owners have enough to worry about. Enclosing the dumpster provides a better, cleaner look and is a proactive e way of limiting problems.

                Building Codes

                There are instances when a dumpster enclosure is required by a municipality code. In these instances, enclosing a dumpster is more of a necessity than an aesthetics decision. A failure to do so could result in costly fines or penalties. It is always a good idea to check on those local building codes and make sure you are up to date.

                Complement Your Building

                Adding a dumpster enclosure that is made of a material that resembles your building is a way of complementing the look, as opposed to contrasting it. If designed right, it could actually look as though it was part of the original blueprints.

                November 23, 2020

                Advantages of an Electric Gate | Hartsell Brothers Fence Company

                Electric gate systems are a distinctive type of installation that provide your yard's fence with a greater degree of flexibility. Electric gates can be made out of a variety of different materials, and they make it much easier to close off the entirety of your yard's perimeter by sealing the driveway when closed.

                Due to their unique method of operation, electric gate systems provide your yard's fence with a variety of different benefits. Understanding the advantages associated with installing an electric gate within your existing fence can help you decide whether an electric gate is the right fit for your needs.

                Full Coverage

                One of the main advantages associated with an electric gate is that it makes sure that your yard's fence fully covers the perimeter of your yard. By blocking off the driveway, your yard will become fully enclosed.

                This is extremely beneficial for property owners with pets or small children, as you will be able to let them loose in the yard without having to worry about them leaving the property. Thus, electric gates can be an important safety tool.

                Electric gates will also help keep your yard secure by keeping intruders and animals out. A fully enclosed perimeter means that burglars, animals, and pests won't be able to access your yard or home.

                Increased Privacy

                If the fencing that is already installed around your yard is a privacy fence, you can easily have an electric gate that is also made out of tall, wide-paneled building materials to prevent pedestrians and other people passing by from getting a look into your yard or into your house.

                Property Value and Curb Appeal

                Another thing to take into consideration when thinking about installing an electric gate system within your existing fence is the fact that it has a significant effect on the value of your home, just like all other major construction projects and appliance installations.

                An electric gate will add a great deal of aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home. While curb appeal is a subjective idea, a well-maintained and attractive exterior can encourage higher offer values when you do decide to put your home on the market and can leave buyers with a better impression of the property and thus more likely to put in an offer.

                Insurance Savings

                Beyond the increase in value that an electric gate can create for your property, a gate installation can also help reduce your monthly insurance premiums. Some insurance companies offer discounts when you install a gate to enclose your property because the gate makes robbery and break-ins (as well as any resulting property damage) much less likely. So be sure to check with your insurance company to see how much you could save.


                While not necessarily more convenient than simply having an open driveway that you can use whenever you'd like, an electric gate that is installed with a parking lot fence does not cause any sort of major inconvenience. Some advanced gate systems will automatically open when a sensor in designated vehicles draws near, while others use a simple remote control or access control panel where a code must be entered.

                In any case, you will still be able to use your driveway as you have previously, while also enjoying all of the other benefits that are expanded upon above. This represents a straight upgrade over leaving your driveway completely open at all times.

                For any inquiries that you may have about installing an electric gate and fencing system in your yard, please feel free to get in touch with us at Hartsell Brothers Fence Company. Our team has been serving the Charlotte and the surrounding area for more than 50 years and will be happy to help you with your electric gate or any other fencing related needs that you may have.

                October 26, 2020

                PVC and Vinyl the Latest Trends in Commercial Privacy Fencing

                There is a specific function for privacy fencing and over the years, trends have come and gone. Lately, there has been a pair of popular privacy options when it comes to fencing. Vinyl and PVC both have their advantages. In this article, we will provide more on why each one is becoming a fence preference of commercial property owners all across the country.

                Some people may assume that vinyl and PVC are the same, although that is not the case. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and the difference from that and vinyl is the addition of chlorine.

                First, it is important to understand the function of privacy fences. They are intended to maintain privacy and the advantages of a PVC or vinyl fence are both similar. Neither requires any regular maintenance. They are not going to fade or chip like a wooden fence would. There is also no painting involved. These varieties may be higher in price than some other materials, although they last a long time.

                While PVC is a form of vinyl, the types of vinyl used for commercial and residential purposes have their differences. Commercial grade vinyl is thicker and has more ribbing for the purpose of upgrading its strength. And its durability is better because of the higher levels of Titanium Oxide. This also helps withstand UV rays from the sun and prevent discoloration.

                When it comes to strength, PVC vinyl is a top choice and that is because it is even stronger than fences that are made of wood. In fact, PVC has about five times more strength than a wooden fence. And in areas where a fence is exposed to saltwater, PVC vinyl holds up year after year without withering.

                There is little difference in the aesthetics between PVC and vinyl fencing and there are plenty of choices that will enhance the exterior appeal of your commercial property. It is important to be on the lookout for algae growth as PVC and vinyl fences have been known to accumulate a buildup over the course of time.

                Some of the most popular types of PVC and vinyl privacy fences consist of shadowbox and solid designs. White has become the most popular color while tans are beginning to trend as well. If there is the desire to paint the fence, there is no need for a coat of primer. Simply use an acrylic paint color of your choosing.

                August 19, 2020

                Fence Your Apartment Complex | Hartsell Brothers Fence Company

                Apartments are always a popular housing option, but to compete for quality renters or sell your business at a profit, your complex must first be worth its rental prices. Fences add both ornamental and practical value to an apartment complex and may even become a selling point in your listings. These are five ways installing fences around an apartment complex can improve its value to potential tenants and buyers.

                1. Increase Curb Appeal

                When renters visit an apartment complex, first impressions can make all the difference. An impressive, well-landscaped entrance signals a commitment to quality and renter happiness. By investing in ornamental fencing, particularly around a club house, pool area, or central office, you'll ensure your apartments put their best foot forward.

                Before any fencing can be built on your property, you must be sure it complies with all local codes covering renovations and construction. Building permits and zoning regulations may restrict the types of fencing available to you and where they can be installed. An experienced fencing contractor will be familiar with your local laws and ensure you are in full compliance before breaking ground.

                2. Improve Residential Privacy

                One of the major downsides to apartment living is a lack of privacy. Tenants tend to appreciate efforts to limit their exposure to their neighbors, particularly in larger complexes with multiple buildings. Running privacy fences between those buildings and around shared yard spaces or parking lots helps families relax and enjoy themselves while cutting down on noise pollution.

                Privacy fences can also block any unwanted views from the ground floor of your apartments. If, for example, your property sits next to a busy road, manufacturing site, or dilapidated housing, there's no need to remind your tenants every time they come home. Strategically placed fences and trees will mask the world outside and create a feeling of seclusion.

                3. Seclude Maintenance Areas

                Just as your tenants enjoy their privacy, they may not want to see the equipment and storage areas used to maintain the complex. Landscaping supplies and bulk materials need to be stored somewhere, and preferably out of sight. Hiding maintenance areas behind their own privacy fencing will keep them off tenants' minds and discourage vandals or trespassers.

                4. Control Access to Property

                While many apartments install fencing along their perimeter, you should consider adding a gate as well. Gated apartment complexes offer a degree of security many renters appreciate, especially in areas with higher crime rates. By controlling access to your property or specific buildings, you protect yourself from legal liabilities and can advertise your community as a safe space for families.

                A number of options are available to you when it comes to security gates. Some are attended by a security guard at all times, while others require a password input or are simply monitored by camera. Depending on your needs and budget, you can work with your fencing contractor to strike a balance between security and convenience for renters and their guests.

                5. Balance Appearance and Security

                Choosing the right fencing for your apartment complex requires the right mix of beauty, durability, and economy. You may, for example, want to invest in ornamental fencing for areas facing roads and recreational facilities. Less visible fencing, such as a perimeter fence, can focus instead on security and ease of installation. Chain link and privacy fencing are often adequate for this purpose.If you are renovating your apartment complex to attract tenants at a higher price, a fence is one of the fastest ways to give your property a major face-lift. To explore the subtle but significant impact a fence can have on your property, contact us at Hartsell Brothers Fence Company.

                July 27, 2020

                3 Sources of Fence Damage | Hartsell Brothers Fence Company

                Fences are meant to protect whatever they surround, whether it is a business, school or your own home and yard. A fence also creates a feeling of safety and formality. However, if the fence sustains enough damage, it fails in its mission to protect, voiding the entire structure. How can you help prevent damage to your own fence? Read on to educate yourself on things that damage fences and how to prevent them.

                1. Trees

                Trees are everywhere, and your fence line may not be fortunate enough to escape their influence. While beautiful and beneficial to the environment, trees can sometimes threaten the integrity of your fence and cause damage.

                Toppling trees or falling branches are usually caused by a tree with rot, which manifests after an improper cut to the tree or damage to the roots. Be on the lookout for signs of rot in any trees, including:

                • Dead branches
                • Leaves falling outside of autumn
                • Mushrooms growing at the base of a tree
                You can also prevent future rot to overhanging and nearby trees by exercising care when moving heavy machinery around the tree's roots and while mowing or maintaining your landscape. Also, try not to create any unnatural openings in the tree for the rot to grow in.

                2. Weather

                Extreme winds such as those found in tornadoes and hurricanes can easily damage sections of fencing. However, you can avoid damage from objects blowing around your yard by taking a few preventative measures.

                Before a storm arrives, remove or secure loose objects in the backyard like lawn furniture and toys. This helps keep damage to a minimum when the wind kicks up. If you have foliage, shrubbery, and branches that extend onto your fence, keep them trimmed so they cannot rub or hit the fence during high winds. Keep on top of repairs of any weak or broken sections of your fence before wind or hail leads to further damage of the surrounding areas.

                To reinforce the strength of the fence itself, have a professional inspect your fence and offer recommendations. Better yet, let the pros install your fence in the first place to guarantee it is firmly and properly installed from the start.

                3. Vandalism

                Teenagers and gang participants all over find it appropriate to spray paint logos, images, and messages on public works. Unruly people may also decide to shatter or break structures. Unfortunately, fences are a favorite target for vandals. If you have a home or business in an area with a lot of property damage, you may find your fence the recipient of unwanted attention.

                However, you can help prevent vandalism to your fence in multiple ways. Fixing the vandalism as soon as it occurs discourages repeat offenses. Strategies like specific landscapes can help as well. Placing certain plants and shrubs near the fence discourages the vandals from accessing the area by making it difficult to approach. Idea include:

                • Hedges with thorns like roses, firethorn, or holly
                • Prickly plants such as cacti
                Consider implementing hard-to-mark surfaces on your fence as well. Usually, the best option is a special paint that will not retain spray paint graffiti.

                Beyond your fence, you can participate in community youth education programs about vandalism and gang actions to help prevent vandalism in your community.

                Fences surround your property and help secure your home or commercial business. Trees, weather, and vandalism all attempt to ruin the integrity of your fence. Fortunately, you now know how to help prevent some of that fence damage.

                For help repairing existing damage to your commercial fence or to obtain a quote for a new fence on your commercial property, contact the professionals at Hartsell Brothers Fence Company.

                June 8, 2020

                Understanding Different Types of Commercial Gates

                Not all commercial gates are created the same. There are different choices available for both commercial and industrial applications. Here is a closer look at some of the more popular choices that could be used to front your business.

                Cantilever Gates

                This is a very popular choice as it is a more reliable rolling gate compared to a slide gate. This type of gate differs in that there is no ground track that moves through the use of rollers. Its sideways motion is attributed to mounted rollers that are located on the post. This model is beneficial because there are no ground elements, such as snow or dirt, which would interfere with opening and closing. In areas that are subject to inclement weather, the cantilever gate remains a popular choice.

                Swing Gates

                This variety is available in heavy-duty styles and mirrors the motion of a door. It is commonly matched with industrial chainlink fencing such as those surrounding construction sites and parks. Since most of  these gates extend so far outward, there is always the risk of an unintended collision at an entrance that may be unsupervised. Swing gates can extend outward to 90 degrees and even as much as 180 degrees. That means an idling car or waiting pedestrian could be at risk. Separate pedestrian entrances are also recommended when installing a wing gate.

                Track Gates

                This version is not a lot different from a cantilever gate. It typically uses an overhead track, which is a benefit becomes it does away with the need to counterbalance the entire system. This variety also has the advantage of being able to meet the different height and width demands. Security is also helped as these tracks are capable of being operated from a specific security post.

                Slide Gates

                One of the most commonly used security gates, this variety rolls from left to right or vice versa on ground wheels. It is generally in alignment with a fence and will permit vehicles to enter when opened. The gate moves via wheels located on the bottom side. They are often paired with an automated access systems for gates. They normally slide over a groove that is in the shape of a V and are sometimes referred to as a V-Groove. The disadvantage is that elements can obstruct the path of the wheels, which requires maintenance of the area according to the conditions. 

                Lift Gates

                These gates come in vertical and vertical pivot formats. The design is somewhat different, although the premise is to raise the gate so that vehicles can enter underneath of them. These are a great choice when looking to save space as the gate does not need to extend outward or slide horizontally.

                If you are interesting in further information about gates for commercial properties in Charlotte NC, feel free to contact HartsellBrothers Fence Co. To learn more about products and services, visit

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